Mobile Casinos for Casino Holdem Players

Best Online Casinos for Casino Holdem

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Everyone is going mobile. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2014 there will be more mobile users than desktop users. Online casinos are taking notice of this trend and are creating apps for their customers. So you can now download an app to your phone or tablet and play games like blackjack, slots and, yes, casino holdem.

Below you’ll find a list of our favorite mobile sites. Choose whichever site appeals to you the most and has an app for your particular device. To learn more about playing casino holdem on your mobile device read on further down the page.

Supported Mobile Phones and Tablets

The following devices are supported by online casinos:

  • iOS – This includes both the iPhone and iPad.
  • Android – This includes both tablets and phones.
  • Blackberry – There are fewer casinos that support Blackberry compared to iOS and Android. That’s because their overall market share is significantly smaller. So we may never see an increase in apps being created for Blackberry users.
  • Windows – It’s the same way for Windows. However, the Windows phone was only released in 2010. So it is possible that Windows has not had enough time to grab a larger piece of the pie.

How to Play Casino Games on Your Mobile Device

Getting started on your mobile device is easy, regardless if you have a tablet or phone, or iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows operating system. Here’s how you do it:

  • Visit the casino.
  • Go to the mobile page. You can find the link on the homepage, in the navigation at the top or at the very bottom of the page. In a worse case scenario you can Google it.
  • On the mobile page you’ll find one of two options. One will be a download link. Click this and you’ll be taken to the app store where you can download the app. The second will be a form that you fill out. Enter your number, type of device, country and game(s) you want to play, and a download link will be sent to your phone.
  • Once you have the app you’ll be able to open it, log-in and start playing. If you don’t have an account yet, you may or may not have to create an account and deposit from a desktop or laptop computer. It just depends on where you’re playing.

Are All Devices / Operating Systems Compatible?

In general, yes. There is a casino compatible with every device.

However, what you’ll find is that the majority of online casinos provide an app for Android or iOS users only. Sometimes it’s only Android. But since the iPhone and iPad have a large share of the market, online casinos that don’t already have these apps, I would expect them to soon.

Alternatives to Mobile Apps

If the casino doesn’t have an app for you to download, there are some alternatives.

One option is to play the casinos instant download (browser version) of their games, assuming your phone or tablet supports Flash or Java. I would prefer this on a tablet over phone, though, as the website will be made for larger screens and will be hard to use on your phone.

Another alternative is to use remote software. Simply download a remote app to your phone or tablet, then you’ll be able to control your computer and the games from wherever you are with your tablet.

Neither option is great, but if you want to play casino games while on the go, with no ability to install an app, this is as good as it gets.

Can You Play Casino Holdem on Your Phone or Tablet?

Both casinos that we recommend for casino holdem games have mobile games, such as slots, roulette and blackjack. It doesn’t look like they have casino holdem at the moment, but that’s not to say that they won’t have it once you login or later in the future (as mobile gaming continues to grow).